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About this site:

Tokyofoodcast is run by a couple: Et-chan and Te-chan. As you can see from the categories, the site has gone through a couple of phases and evolved to the current food and sake related blog with occasional travel reports.

Although we hoped to keep up with various topics, such as kitchen gadgets and grocery stores, our love and passion for sake and food has now overtaken the majority of our time and we now focus on these two areas. So, if you visited this site to find kitchen gadgets or grocery information, sorry, what we have is pretty much going to stay as-is.

About Et-chan and Te-chan:

Et-chan does most of the posting on this blog and posts pictures. Her passion for sake and food lead her to a new career as a bilingual tour guide to introduce  wonderful aspects of life and culture of Japan to foreign visitors. 

Et-chan’s business site: enakamura.net
Visit San-in and Akita with her in 2012 with Sake Brewery Tours: Sake Brewery Tours

She grew up in Japan and lived in California for some time. Since she was little, everyone called her Et-chan and even today, that’s what Te-chan and her friends call her.

Te-chan does most of the site management, infrequent blogposts, and clean-up duties as required. He first got his nickname, Te-chan, from Et-chan, but soon, his local buddies started to call him “Te-chan” too. His years in Nagoya mean that he loves anything with miso on it.


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