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Sake of the Week #051: Azuma-ichi Daiginjo Nama

About once a month or so I get together with a group of teachers from around Japan to work on a faculty development project. We gather in Tokyo from all over Japan: from Tohoku to Kyushu. It is my good luck that many of them are nihonshu otaku just like me. When we are done wracking our brains over how to improve English teaching, we close the books and head outside for what our non-imbibing colleagues have termed “The Homeless Party”.

Sake of the Week #048: Kopirinko

Sake of the week #046: Toroman

“What? You bought more sake?” Etsuko asked, bewildered.

“Yeah, but not today. I got it last year at that tasting at Kuraya.”

You may see the kind of problem we’ve run into. Sometimes you just have to buy a bottle, or two, or three. They tend to pile up

FIFA World Cup vs Nihonshu Slideshows

Our good friend Damon over at Languagecaster.com-English Through Football has posted a fun game review with comments and photos. Don’t worry. It is safe for non-rabid football supporters. We’re glad he could bring some football knowledge to the event. Check out Damon’s slideshow and review. Et-chan’s slides are here too.

Small pleasures 001: Chou a la Creme from Le Fromage

Growing up in New England before the era of foodie-ism, the local corner bakery either didn’t exist, or was most likely Dunkin Donuts for a lot of my early years. Au Bon Pain and Vie de France were better, but not great improvements. So, one of the things I do love about living in Japan, [...]

Et-chan: Nihonshu covergirl!

If you look very closely at the photo on the cover of the March issue of Dancyu, you’ll see Et-chan.

Sake of the week #044: Can’t keep up!

When faced with a choice between visiting kura, picking up bottles of the freshest sake, entertaining visiting nihonshu fans, working, visiting more kura, and doing a MeetUp–or writing up the latest Sake of the Week, our brains gave out.

Sake of the Week #043: Hokushika Junmaishu “Icehouse”

This sake is a special one for me. Not just because it is a complex and enjoyable brew, but because of where–and more specifically who–it came from. One of my students who will graduate next month brought me this bottle from her hometown because she knew how much I’d enjoy it.

Sake of the Week #039: Gangi Kassei Nigori Nama

In a moment of calm before people arrived and dinner got started, I tried to get a decent picture of the bottle. If you look closely, it has a little keitai strap charm hanging around the neck. It reads 噴き出し注意 or “Caution! Spouting!”. When I bought this, the staff at the store were careful to warn me and I did need a towel to catch some of the overflow. The little warning charm will probably go on my keychain or phone soon.

Happy New Year 2010

Our traditional Happy New Year card. Wishing you all good food and good sake in 2010.

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