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Sake Brewery Tours Video

икони цени Exclusive Japan Travel – 2012 Sake Brewery Tours Flip through the photo book of Sake Brewery Tours destinations. In 2012, the 5-day excursions take you to experience the best of the snow country in Akita, and to really immerse yourself in sake and culinary traditions in the Land of Myth, the San-in region. [...]

Back to Ratatouille for a relaxing lunch

Go to Ratatouille for good French meals just off Kannai. This has been a favorite for Et-chan and Te-chan for several years. The people are wonderful. The dishes are simple ingredients transformed into delicious tastes. Treat yourself and someone else to a really good lunch starting at ¥1600 for the A course or ¥2200 for [...]

Cup Sake Commentary: The First

Mentioned in this podcast: Et-chan’s previous post. Hayeseura, from Fukui Prefecture, is one of my favorite cup sake, but English pages are scarce. It bears returning to later. If you don’t already know Seijo Ishii, then go check them out near many major train stations, including Shinagawa, Ebisu, Shinjuku, and elsewhere in Kanto. With all [...]

il Lupone: Tasty pizza on the banks of the Meguro River

Excellent pizza, other fine Italian dishes, and warm service.

Ume no Hana: Fine tofu cuisine in suburban Tokyo

Friday night, I was treated to a fine meal at Ume no Hana: a local chain with about a dozen restaurants in the Tokyo area: Minami Aoyama, Kichijoji, Shin-Yurigaoka, Machida, and elsewhere. This kaiseki tofu restaurant lets you book your own small room for an intimate party. Listen to the podcast review here: Ume no [...]

Pretty Swinging Pizza

The Savoy Map: Meguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 2-7-10 T: 03-3714-5160. Update: They’ve moved to a new location and have another one in Azabu Juban. Check out our very first podcast.

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