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Announcing Sake World Sake Brewery Tours

Sake World Sake Brewery Tours

I am pleased to announce the start of the Sake World Sake Brewery Tours program.

Working with the world’s greatest sake expert and educator, John Gaunter, I am thrilled to present the first two Sake Brewery Tours programs in 2010. A while back, John and I talked about nihonshu tourism as a way to really open the doors to the sake world to anyone interested in the brew. So, here we are announcing the first very special opportunities to meet the brewers and experience Japan through sake.

The programs start off with sake education by John, then visits to sakagura with me to see the art and tradition firsthand and to hear directly from the brewers their philosophies and passion for their craft. Events include sake-centered meals and other cultural sightseeing. This brewing season, there are two tours planned:

Tour I: February 23 to 27 in the Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe) area
Tour II: March 15 to 19 in the San-in (Shimane and Tottori) area

For more information, pricing and reservations please visit www.saketours.com. Participation is extremely limited!

Link to Sake World Sake Tours Web Site


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Sake World Sake Brewery Tours

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