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Brewery tour in Tokyo with Tokyo Sake Meetup

Please join us to visit Toshimaya Shuzo in Higashi Murayama in Tokyo. On March 28th, Tokyo Sake Meetup will visit one of the only twelve nihonshu brewers in Tokyo, Toshimaya Shuzo.

About Toshimaya Shuzo
Established in 1596, Toshimaya has been a source for sake for Edo, now Tokyo. The brewery first opened the site in Kanda, then moved to Higashi Murayama at the beginning of Showa era.

If you have been to Smile Nihonshu, you might have tried Toshimaya Shuzo’s Okunokami. It’s so good! Kinkon is the brand people in Tokyo may be familiar with.

I am not sure if they are the oldest brewery in Tokyo, but they have fascinating stories such as being the selected as holy sake by Meiji Jingu, Kanda Myojin, and Hie Jinja, or appearing in Edo Era book of Horoshige illustrations. So, I am sure it will be fun to learn their history firsthand at the brewery.

History of Toshimaya
in English

How to sign up for the event?
Please visit our RSVP site at Tokyo Sake Meetup to join the group and sign up for the event.

Here are the event details:
Date: 3/28/2009 (Saturday)
Event: Toshimaya Shuzo Brewery Tour and Tasting
Time: 2:40 pm – 7:00 pm

Meeting Place:
Higashi Murayama Station on Seibu Line
(approximately 30 minutes on Seibu Railway from Takadanobaba)

Meeting Time
2:40 pm

Total: around 6,000 yen excluding the train fare. See Tokyo Sake Meetup website for fee breakdown.

Link to the Tokyo Sake Meetup event sign up page.

We hope to see you next Saturday!


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