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First Tokyo Sake Meetup Event

1st meetup 071407

In the midst of Typhoon #4 that was about to hit Tokyo, fearless sake enthusiasts got together at Ginjo Kura 66 for the first Tokyo Sake Meetup. In the pouring rain, the bar still managed to get good traffic for an early Saturday evening, but somehow, we managed to be the loudest group at the bar and we had fun!

The group started off with Seishu Hyakuhai from Saga which was fairly dry with nice body. This was a very nice “welcome drink” which the bar poured for us after we filled in the coupons from the Ginjo Kura 66 website. Be sure to fill in your email address on the coupon page and get one yourself before you make your first visit.

Then, we moved on to something quite opposite from the first sake, Tatsuriki Episode 1: a nice, sweet full-bodied sake. We chatted with Ryusuke Honda from Tatsuriki, who worked on this Episode 1 for the last two years. The first question from the group? “Is there going to be a series from 1 to 6?” Honda-san is still contemplating this and suggested a couple of possibilities, such as carrying on from Episode 2 with different grades of sake to complete the series of six. After tasting these two quite different type of sake, everyone sort of went on their own to explore others such as Kariho from Akita, Tsukasa Botan from Kochi, and some from Ehime, Fukushima or Okayama.

I think everyone was happy to try out different types of sake with guidance from the wonderful sake list at the shop. And, don’t forget about their otsumami-perfect match for these sake we tried.

Ginjo Kura 66 will close in October, so we should plan a couple of more tasting there. Hopefully, they’ll come back next year with the same setting. Before you go out to Ginjo Kura 66, check out their web site and their staff, Teshu’s blog to see the latest at the bar.

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