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During our two and half years at the Mitsuya sake benkyokai hosted by Takase-sensei, January 2006 must have had the highest number of “babes”. The featured kura was Kimura Shuzo with Fukukomachi brand from Akita and I heard Yone-sama from the kura attracted his “fan” club members to this event. So, does Fukukomachi = babes?

Actually, Kimura Shuzo is a very creative kura while maintaining/improving the quality. The kura comes with the long history which goes back 14 generations, to 1615. Currently, Fukukomachi is part of National bussan which owns National Azabu stores in Tokyo.

Yone-sama talked about the kura a bit, but two things stuck in my mind. They play Classical music in kura. Would it help sake to “calm” down? He said he figured there’s nothing to lose by playing the music. Yone-sama also, with Toji’s permission, wrote a word on each tank where the 5 kinds of sake we tasted brewed. So here’s what we tasted and what he wrote.

1. 純米吟醸  秋田杜氏 生原酒 (junmai ginjyo nama) Akita Toji - word: ありがとう Thank you
2. 無圧汲み出し 秋田杜氏 生原酒 (muatsukumidashi nama) Akita Toji -word: 一緒にがんばろう Let’s do our best
3. 純米酒 福小町 生原酒 (junmai nama) Fukukomachi -word: 今年も宜しく Best wishes for the new year
4. 辛口 純米酒 福小町 (karakuchi junmai) Fukukomachi – word: がんばろう Do your best
5. にごり酒 鳥海ふぶき (nigori) Chokai Fubuki – word: ありがとう Thank you

Results from the words on the tanks? We all agreed 4 tried too much after being told to “do your best”, and was rather dry and shallow.

These sake all range around 1100 yen to 1700 yen for a 720ml bottle.
My favorite is 1. Te-chan ended up buying 3 bottles of 3 and 2 bottles of 5. I guess Yone-sama charmed not only the babes, but also Te-chan in the end.


2 Responses to “Fukukomachi”

  1. This is not Fukukomachi brand, but another brand from the same kura, Kimura Shuzo.
    English info on Akita Toji

    Posted by Et-chan | March 2, 2006, 8:51 pm
  2. Et-Chan,

    This link is no longer active.

    Posted by thesoulofjapan | March 27, 2011, 6:28 pm

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