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In January, we tried something new and went to the sake tasting at Ichibe in Ogikubo. Just like at Mitsuya Sake Tasting Takase-sensei leads the tasting and gives a lecture on sake. In January, the topic for the lecture was “Tales of Sake Drinkers” where we learned a great deal about long history of sake and crazy sake drinkers going way back to Edo period.

Ichibe is a cozy izakaya close to Ogikubo Station, across from Yu-topia. Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in Sake. They have countless varieties of nihonshu by the cup, including ones you can find only at Ichibee. I tried to count how many kinds of sake but after many failed attempts, I simply focused on enjoying sake.

The featured sake for the tasting was Garyubai. Their 純米吟醸 無濾過原酒 (junmai ginjyo murokagenshu) is a smooth sake and good both cold and warm. Also, it’s very reasonable: 1.8l ¥2500, and 720 ml ¥1,200.


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