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Good-bye, Ginjo Kura 66


We hosted the third Tokyo Sake Meetup at Ginjo Kura 66 on Saturday, October 13th. Call me lazy for hosting three Meetups in a row at the same spot, but I got really good responses about the place from everyone who attended in the past. For one thing, the sake is so reasonably priced–300 to 500 yen a glass. And for another, where else can you find 70+ kinds of Ginjoshu to choose from? Plus a chance to chat with brewers! And, they accommodated us no matter how loud we got, even to the point where there was a wide gap between us and everyone else on one crowded night.

The group enjoyed what would be our last get together at this location. As we tried a lot of different glasses, everyone agreed on #21, Tentaka, being nice fruity sake to enjoy. However #38, Ginjo from Kaiun aged for 10 years was such a split. Half the group absolutely loved it and other half said “no thanks” or “not for me”. To me, this kind of different take on the same sake is what makes this type of group tasting interesting!

Ginjo Kura 66 will be closed after October 27th. I thought they were going to be moving to another location and re-open sometime next year, just like they did the last couple of years. According to their staff, though, the bar will be closed for good for now. I hope they are wrong. So, let’s say sayonara until the Japan Ginjoshu Association puts together another wonderful tasting bar very soon.

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