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Tokyo Grocery Guide

Ikebukuro: Looking for Spice?

Marusei Shoji
Address: at Ikebukuro Seibu Dept B2F between The Garden and Seisen Club(Fish, Meat section)
Description:Specializes in Herb/Spice/Chinese/Italian canned, bottled, dried foods
TEL: 03-3994-5111

Wide variety of spices, even with hard to find ones such as Ajowan, Savory, Long Black Pepper. Probably more than 30 kinds of spices—excluding various mixed spices.
If you are looking for any kind of spice, this is the place to start. Also, there is a good selection of mixed pastes such as Bindaroo, Curry, or spice set.

One package is a good size for home use unlike, other stores which sell large quantities.

Other items to note: Pinto Beans (I was looking for this for Mexican refried beans) and sausage making materials.

Side note: The Garden in Seibu had a good meat selection. Also, Seisen Club had some really good fish shops such as Uoki, Yamato where you can buy tuna by the large block or whole fish. If you are a fish person, you will be delighted to see their display.


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