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Tokyo Grocery Guide

Ikebukuro: Nikko Shoji Chinese/Asian Food Store

Nikko Shoji
Address: Ryusaki Bldg,
Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo
Description: Chinese/Asian Food
TEL: 03-3988-0575

They have a wide selection of frozen food-especially my favorite, dumplings and Tofu based vegetarian meat substitutes. The store is quite big and has three floors with Video store on the 4th Floor. I do not know how to translate these in English, but they have packaged soup herb mix such as 十全大伸湯、八珍湯.

I used to make Chinese herb soup with Black chicken, Pork kidneys and added bunch of Chinese herbs. I cannot find all the herbs I used in the soup (nor I do not remember exactly what I put in the soup), but it’s good to know I can buy these packaged herbs to make Chinese soup.

In addition to Chinese, they have Thai and other food as well.


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