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Jibuni at Jugatsuya in Kanazawa

If asked for a typical dish from Kanazawa, what would you say? Aside from crab, if someone says pickled fish or various parts of marine creatures, you know what that person likes to drink! Normally, I believe many people would name jibuni as signature Kaga dish.

Wait, wait, what is jibuni?
It is made using thinly sliced duck meat coated with flour or starch and simmered with fu (dried bread-like pieces of gluten), shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots and Japanese parsley in a soup made with stock, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), sugar, salt, soy sauce and sake. The flour or starch coating holds in the flavor of the meat and thickens the stock.
quoted from JNTO site: regional food section

In my next kaiseki series for June, you will see the term “jibuni” used in a more general way to refer to the following cooking method: small pieces of chicken breast coated with flour are simmered in soy based slightly sweetened broth with bonito base, soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin.

During our last visit to Ishikawa, after visiting Wakura Onsen, Wajima Morning Market, then storming through Omicho Ichiba, we had very relaxing leisurely walk in the Higashi Chaya district in Kanazawa. And, I spotted a restaurant, Jugatsuya, almost at the end of the historical street to enjoy both old chaya decor and traditional cuisine.

Higashi Chaya is a beautifully preserved entertainment district from early 19th century reminiscent of the good old days with traditional chaya style houses lining the narrow streets. The architectural details are very beautifully restored or many houses are tastefully converted into shops, restaurants and museums. Even on a crowded holiday in March, strolling the old streets gave us some quiet moments to listen to the sound of someone parcticing shamisen tunes and to enjoy the subtle scent of flowers decorating the street.

Jugatsuya is a restaurant in one of these old converted chaya located almost at the end of the main street. Lunch starts from 1,050 yen and is served in the main dining area at a counter overlooking the beautiful garden. They have good sake menu with local breweries such as Manzairaku, Kagatobi and Kagatsuru.

We had jibuni and a boxed lunch that came in a bamboo basket. We paired this with some local sake too. The lunch box was around 2,800 yen and jibuni was around 2,000 yen. They had udon on the lunch menu as well.

It’s a lunch spot not to be missed if you are going to be in Kanazawa!

Restaurant Information

Name: Jugatsuya 十月亭
Address: 1-26-16 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Tel: 076-253-3321
Hours: lunch 11:30 am – 3:00 pm; dinner by reservation only, 6:00 pm

URL (Japanese)

Jibuni recipe I found on the JTRO site.

More information on Jibuni at the Ishikawa Tourist Information site.



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