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July SakeSwap – Odayaka Tokubetsu Junmai

This week, I sent my favorite bottle, Odayaka Tokubetsu Junmai, to Brian, my July SakeSwap partner. I just love how Kinpou Shuzo, the maker of Odayaka and Shizenshu, is committed to making good sake while preserving local rice growing culture. They are doing it right: the environmental way.

Two years ago, I called Odayaka “Feel good sake“, and today it still gives me a warm and yasashii (gentle) feeling. To find out where I get that feeling, please visit our previous posts at Tokyofoodcast about our experiences learning all aspects of sake brewing from the field to the bottle at this brewery in Fukushima.

Feel Good Sake-Odayaka
by Et-chan

Making Sake at Kinpou Shuzo – Niida Honke by Te-chan

Rice, rice, rice-all for sake by Et-chan
This post is about our days of weeding at the rice filed and harvesting it at Kinpou Shuzou’s rice paddies.

Day at Odayaka: Sake Yodan Shikomi on Flickr
Step by step process of Yodan Shikomi at Kinpou from March 2008

Kinpou Shuzou’s English Web Site: http://www.kinpou.co.jp/English.html


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