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Memories of Wagu

Tony McNicol at Tokyo Photojournalist [1] takes you through the life of wagu which is better known around the world as Kobe beef. His photograph series tells a story that begins with an innocent looking calf on the peaceful pasture and finishes up with a tasty looking steak sizzling on the grill at a restaurant.

Tony’s photo series reminded me of two things. One, very obvious one is Michael Pollan’s The Ominivore’s Dilemma [2]. The other is more personal–my father’s pet cows that he bought in Tajima when I was growing up. The eyes, the certificate, and the tags just reminded me of those beasts in the barn and the excruciating childhood embarrassment at being the only family in town who had cows. Yes, without saying anything more, that scarred me the rest of my life.

So, what thoughts does Tony’s photo essay provoke for you?

This Kobe beef photo series [3] is posted here with the kind permission of the photographer, Tony McNicol’s. Please also visit his Kobe beef blog post at Tokyo Photojournalist. [4]

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