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Sake of the week #002: Okunokami


Okunokami Junmai Kassei-Niigori Nama Genshu is a bomb! I don’t mean bad, but so lively, and so nice. And, Toshimaya Shuzo, the brewer of Okunokami, is right here in Tokyo! I am so happy that I can finally say I truly like sake from Tokyo and have a bit of local pride!

I have followed Okunokami for the past year since I met Takaharu Tanaka-san, who is next in the line of succession at the prominent sake family who first brewed in sake in Kanda from the early Edo period. Finally, I had a chance to visit them last Saturday with the Tokyo Sake Meetup. Thanks to Tanaka-san, we tasted many bottles at the brewery as part of our “educational” session. This particular bottle of Kassei Nigori was literally so genki and cloudy with bubbles, and it also feels so alive that the word, dynamite, came to my mind. In fact, Tanaka-san was so worried about the explosive properties of this bottle that he took it out into the parking lot to open it just in case it burst.

When this particular bottle was paired with various fried foods and sumibiyaki plates, it became even fuller. Bracceria Sumiza, whose grill master and owner is a long-time friend of Tanaka-san, always keeps the still a bit hard to find Okunokami brand on his menu. Lightly breaded fried camembert was a natural match to bring out but also tame the overpowering liveliness of kassei nigori. BBQ pork, chicken, and mushrooms were also good to enjoy with this particular bottle.

If you are curious what this Okunokami I am raving is all about, please drop by at the next Smile Nihonshu event in Shinjuku on April 18th. Okunokami is going to be there! You will find plenty of great sake there, but also, you will see Tokyo is a perfectly good place for brewing good sake.

About the next Smile Nihonshu event on 4/18/09
Please visit the Tokyo Sake Meetup/Calendar

About Bracceria Sumiza:
Name: Bracceria (buraccheria) Sumiza
TEL: 042-393-1766
Address: 2-30-5 Sakae Cho, Higashimurayama, Tokyo
At: a few minutes from Kumegawa Station on Seibu Line

sumiza food with okunokami

Food and Okunokami at Sumiza

sumiza bbq plate

Food and Okunokami at Sumiza


Toshimaya Shuzo in Higashimurayama, Tokyo



  1. […] at Ichibe in Ogikubo where they featured Toshimaya Shuzo from Tokyo who brew Kinkon and Okunokami. We visited the brewery in March last year as Tokyo Sake Meetup and had a great […]

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