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Sake of the week #003: Furosen Adoberry from Adogawa

Just like umeshu is not sake, this bottle of boysenberry liqueur from Uehara Shuzo is not exactly sake either. It is made with boysenberries, sugar, and junmaishu-a very special junmaishu.

This week I made a big circle through Shiga Prefecture going around Lake Biwa and visited three very good sake sake breweries: Uehara Shuzo, Fukui Yahei Shoten, and Tomita Shuzo. This gave me the chance to taste so many good bottles that I had a hard time picking one to share. On top of that, the pairing of sake with funazushi, a local traditional food speciality, made my choice even harder. In the end, I had to choose Adoberry from Adogawa as my SOTW #3.

Adoberry from Adogawa is made by Uehara Shuzo, known for their Furosen brand. I associate Furosen with very sturdy Yamahai brewed with naturally occurring yeast, just the style I like. So, at the tasting, I just skipped this bottle thinking, “I won’t fall for that girly bottle”. I often don’t care for what some brewers label as “joseimuki” or especially designed for women because it often means too much sweetness, overly fruit flavored, and lame alcohol content. Uehara-san did not say anything about targeting women, but I just quickly jumped to that conclusion by myself.

Just as everyone in the group was leaving the tasting area, I poured this dark ruby liqueur and took what I thought my last tiny sip to finish off the tasting. “Wow, this is good.” Deep tart sweetness had just the right balance and was so refreshing, especially after tasting so many bottles of sake. Now, I did not even try to catch up with everyone else, but stood there pouring some more. I hesitated to say anything to Uehara-san for a while, but I finally burst into a raving praise for his boysenberry liqueur. Being a bit perplexed by such enthusiastic “oishiiiiiiiiii” for his liqueur, Uehara-san explained he made this bottle with his aged junmaishu and locally grown boysenberries named Adoberry.

That was the magic! Aged sake. Furosen junmaishu aged for nine years!

Uehara Shzuo’s Web site(Japanese)


2 Responses to “Sake of the week #003: Furosen Adoberry from Adogawa”

  1. Hey! I took a picture of that drawing too!


    Posted by Peko | April 19, 2009, 7:45 pm
  2. Hi Peko,
    Uehara-san and I were talking about you…. kusyami shitemashita?

    Posted by Et-chan | April 21, 2009, 9:58 am

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