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Sake of the week #009: Mansaku-no-hana Misato

Mansaku-no-hana Misato is my pick for this week. I think my big smile with the the bottle tells you more than anything I can possibly convey with words.

Photo: Sato Shacho and Et-chan with Mansaku-no-hana Misato

Mansaku-no-hana Junmaiginjo Misato made feel like I was with one of my old friends who has always been there for me for over two decades. It is just that warm and sincere a sake.

Ringo Mansaku
Photo: Ringo Mansaku

The biggest hit of the evening among the crowd I was sitting with at last night’s Mansaku no Hana tasting was Ringo Mansaku– an apple liqueur at 10% alcohol. Mr. Sato covered his face with both hands in slight distress from such high praise for his work.

I immediately thought of a big glass of Ringo Mansaku would go so nicely with salty, greasy pork sausage and a big omelet. An idea for your next Sunday brunch?

Mansaku-no-hana is produced by Hinomaru Suzo in Akita
Hinomaru Shuzo English Web site


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