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Sake of the Week #045: FIFA World Cup Sake

fifa sake

Last Saturday, a bunch of sake fans teamed up with football fans and gathered around to watch the heated Japan vs Holland game. Sake was featured, of course. For nihonshu connoisseurs we had all the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Official Sake. Who said watching football only goes with lager? To see how much fun sake is for all occasions, please visit the Tokyo Sake Meetup site. And, here’s the list of sake we tasted that night.

If you are wondering what the 2010 FIFA World Cup official nihonshu is, thirteen brands of Junmai were selected by Hasegawa in 2009 to be recognized.

Where to shop for FIFA World Cup sake for the Japan vs Paraguay game? Drop by Hasegawa shops at Gransta Tokyo Station, Azabu Juban, or Omotesando Hills.


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