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Sake of the week #047: Yongo Nama

Tenmamichi Shimokitazawa has a great selection of sake and “a-te” sake food. But, that’s not the only reason why sake geeks find this izakaya so special. They have access to special bottles you will not find other places, even in Tokyo sake heaven. On our visit last Friday, rather than selecting sake ourselves, I simply asked for Takamura-san for his recommendations and enjoyed all eight or nine selections.

“Please disregard the labels on this bottle. I want you to pay attention to only the part that says yongo.” As Takamura-san brought out the fourth bottle to the table, he started to tell us the story.

“This one is sold by a brewer, but actually this is brewed in collaboration with Taguchi-sensei in Akita.” Each prefecture has a designated research institute for sake to improve overall quality of local production. Mr. Taguchi from Akita Jozo Kenkyujo brewed five tanks last season with a brewer to try different brewing methods. Yongo is tank number four from these batches.

Yongo tank, kimoto muroka junmai ginjo, was brewed with Akita Sake Komachi rice using the old kimoto method, then pressed using a centrifuge. We fully enjoyed this special bottle that started with lots of flavors bursting on the palette, but finished very clean.
Tenmamichi Shimokitazawa
City Hotel Lefa B1
2-20-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5486-0088
Directions: From Shimokitazawa Station South Exit, take a right and walk along the tracks for about one minute. You cannot miss the big sign for Hotel レファ.


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