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Sake of the week #049: Kozaemon Yuzu

Kozaemon Yuzu-shu

Kozaemon Yuzu

“I just got a couple of bottles of Yuzu-shu from Kozaemon. I’ll bring one in next time,” I told the chef as I was leaving Igarashi in February. Since I’d found out he hadn’t tried my favorite citrusy yuzu-shu yet, I promised to bring him one next time. Igarashi-chef is a big Kozaemon fan. To give you some idea of the extent of his fandom, the table water he serves his patrons is Kozaemon shikomi mizu, brewing water shipped all the way from the kura in Mizunami, Gifu.

For the past five months, that last bottle of Kozaemon nihonshu blended with the pungent yuzu citrus juice from Kochi was laying on the top shelf of our fridge. As the weather got closer and closer to being perfect for this very light, summery drink, the bottle stared back at me and I thought, “It is time”. Every time I opened the fridge was a daily reminder to myself of my promise and that summer was coming.

This week, when Kazuko said she wants to go for good, authentic Japanese food, Igarashi was my first choice. Luckily, they had a table open that night. It took me a long time to live up to my promise, but, finally, I packed the bottle with ice gel to protect it for the two-station trek on the Yamanote!

Igarashi-san at Igarashi with Yuzu-shu, Kozaemon

Chef Igarashi and Yuzu-shu

At the end of the meal, Chef Igarashi came out to the table to offer us to try some as well. How could we say no to this fresh, light, and refreshing drink-perfect for a hot summer night!

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  1. Great post- I always love learning about sake! Ashley, Travel Onion

    Posted by Ashley | July 27, 2010, 12:59 am

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