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Sakaguchi, a Toji who learned the craft of sake brewing from two of the four Noto Toji Shien-o: Naruse of Kaiun and Nouguchi from Jokigen, creates one of the best sake.

We were at Ichibe for tasting event where they had 11 different kinds of Sogen. As you can imagine, after 11 kinds of sake both cold and kan, my notes started to make no sense. Good thing that the kura prepared handouts for us.

I am not going to list all 11 kinds, but will highlight some of them.

misc 144

misc 039

大吟醸 斗瓶囲い (daiginjyo tobingakoi) must be the Sakaguchi’s signature piece. 2004 at Shinsyukanpyokai. Clear, clean taste with good balance.5,250 yen for 720 ml bottle.

Their 特別本醸造 (tokubetsu honjozo) 2,600 yen for 1.8 l bottle is a good buy, I thought. Although it is called 本醸造 (honjozo), it is unfiltered. Good as cold or warm sake.


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