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Survival Food

икони на светциIf you had to survive for one week without refrigeration in 30-35 °C and high humidity, what would you bring?

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going back to Ishinomaki today for one week. For the group going there to volunteer with Peace Boat leaving today, we still have to bring all the food that will last us for one week. That will change after us, but there are a couple of challenges to this “bring your own food” arrangement. There’s no cooking facility or food service until July 9th at the Peace Boat volunteer base. To make things difficult, there’s no store near by to buy any food and there is no refrigerator. We load all the food, cooking tools, and gear along with our clothes onto a bus, so we are asked to pack light. Plus, we will be working all day removing mud, which is very dirty, tiring work by itself. When it comes to lunch or dinner, we need something quick and nutritious.

survival food

The basics

This is my seven day package for me and to cook for my group a couple of nights in Ishinomaki
My meal plans are:
Breakfast – cereal, skim milk, instant coffee
Lunch – tuna sandwich. Once I run out of bread, I will survive on bags of beans.
Snacks – dried fruits and nuts
Dinner – for my turn to cook, I plan to cook, couscous and bean salad, tomato soup with beans and pasta, and dal.

Oh, and I packed instant miso soup cubes. Last time I volunteered in Ishinomaki in May, I found out I had a craving for miso soup. That’s what I grew up with and something I enjoy with dinner, but I never imagined such a craving for miso soup other than mornings with hangovers.

As far as the cooking tools, we are bringing portable gas stoves, pots and pans, and other basic kitchen items.

Starting with the July 9th group, Peace Boat will provide lunch and dinner for volunteers, which will be a tremendous help for volunteers to focus on what they are up there for.

Please follow me on Twitter to see how the week is going in Ishinomaki.

our kitchen at Kasuka fashion

Kitchen away from home


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