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Takasakiya Honten: Kamakura Sake Shop and Bar Serves a Tall Glass

Takasakiya Kamakura Station

Gizaemon Junmai Ginjo Glass ¥500 at Takasakiya Honten.

Whether it is the Big Buddha or pursuit of zen that bring you to Kamakura, wouldn’t a glass of sake be a good way to unwind and reflect on the day before you hit the road? Conveniently located just a few minutes from JR Kamakura Station, Takasaki Shoten is a sake shop with a tiny standing bar that offers a big glass of sake and plenty of munchies for travelers and locals.

In early July, I stopped at Takasakiya Honten to buy Odayaka Junmai after attending a lecture in Kamakura. I met the son of the owner at the Odayaka rice harvesting event in Fukushima a few years back and thought I could catch up with him and buy a bottle to send to Brian. Well, he was out visiting a brewery in Okayama–lucky guy!

His mom said “Whenever you visit Kamakura, stop by for a glass of sake!” pointing behind a curtain at a little counter behind barely big enough for two people to stand, I said to myself “Why not now?” So, she lead me through past the little kitchen and on to the tiny bar area where hand-written menus covered one wall. On the other side, bunches of small bags of munchies such as dried fish or kakinotane and canned sardines were piled up against the wall. She took out Gizaemon Junmai Daiginjo that I ordered from the fridge and poured it in a glass a bit smaller than a half pint beer glass. All sake by the glass they had, seven kinds on that day, was about 500 yen. It was such a treat after the long rainy day before catching the train back to Shinagawa.

Takasakiya Honten is open everyday from 10 am to 8 pm except for Thursdays. Their standing bar is open during business hours.

To get there from JR Kamakura Station West Exit or Enoden Kamakura Station, take a left and walk along the shotengai with little shops. It is about 4-5 minutes walk from the station.

Takasakiya bar sake menu: Kamakura Station

Sake menu at Takasakiya Honten, July 2009

About Gizaemon Junmai Ginjo
Gizaemon is brewed by Wakaebisu Brewery in Mie. Wakaebisu Ninja may be more familiar to readers in the US.

About Takasakiya Honten

Phone: 0467-22-1881

Hours: 10 am to 8 pm, closed on Thursdays

Address: 5-36 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa

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