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Company Name: Numadate Syuzo
Prefecture: Akita
URL: (Japanese) http://www.tatenoi.co.jp/
(English) http://www.tatenoi.co.jp/kengaku/index2-english.htm

Sake Tatenoi

As the young successor to Numadate Syuzo, Mr. Oyagi, searches for how sake should evolve in what he sees as a transitional period. He was at the Mitsuya benkyokai in July. While he admits even in Akita, sake is sort of the third place after beer and shochu, his goal as part of a new generation is changing how sake is perceived and enjoyed, and bringing it to the top of the list. His passion and thoughts for sake is also shared on his personal blogLet’s Tatenoi which covers his thoughts and everyday events at the kura.

We tasted 4 kinds of Tatenoi:
1. 純米吟醸生 Junmaiginjo shu Nama 3000 yen/1.8L
2. 純米Summer Junmai shu Summer 2200 yen/1.8L
Sake Tatenoi
3. 純米生 Junmai shu Nama 2400 yen/1.8L
4. 純米酒 1年熟成 Junami shu aged 1 year 2300 yen/1.8
Sake Tatenoi Label

2. Summer is definitely good for summer along with BBQ or some kind of meat dish. My favorite was 3. Junmai Nama. All their sake is made from Akita Sake Komachi.


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