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Tatsuriki: Sake of Dragon’s Might



In December, I was at a sake tasting featuring Tatsuriki. What a delightful event it was! Nine kinds of wonderful sake from Tatsuriki is one thing, but Mr. Honda’s passion for the soil and the right kind of rice to make the best sake instantly turned me into a Tatsuriki fan.

Tatsuriki (Dragon’s Might) is located west of Kobe and Osaka in Aboshi, a seaside town with abundant water from Ibo River which does not contain iron. Sake brewing history in the area goes back to the Edo period

Tatsuriki was founded in 1919 by Honda who was previously a Toji at Hakutsuru. Tatsuriki’s consistent superb quality won many awards and good reviews.

Tatsuriki believes in three key points to produce the best sake-locally grown top quality rice, water, and their Toji

So what did we taste?

1. 純米大吟醸龍力 米のささやき 上三草 (junmai daiginjyo tatsuriki komeno sasayaki kamimikusa)= Whispers of Rice, Kamimikusa
1.8l 21,000 yen, 720 ml 10,500 yen

Kamimikusa is a designated area for producing best Yamadanishiki rice. Organic rice to produce this sake is produced by only 3 farms. So, best of the best is what this sake is. At the tasting, twenty something people agreed this is best sake out of three high end sake we tasted. Fruity, clean, and very silky texture and feel to it.

2. 純米第吟醸龍力 米のささやき 秋津  (junmai daiginjyo tatsuriki komeno sasayaki akitsu)= Whispers of Rice, Akitsu
1.8l 31,500 yen, 720 ml 15,750 yen

Yamadanishiki rice for this sake is produced by three rice makers-Katashima, Fujimoto, and Tokura. Not only the rice is produced by designated rice makers, but they take special care in drying rice by drying in the sun.

Akitsu is also good, but my favorite was definitely Kamimikusa.

3. 純米吟醸龍力 米のささやき 吉川米田 (junmai daiginjyo tatsuriki komeno sasayaki yokawayoneda)= Whispers of Rice, Yokawayoneda
1.8l 21,000 yen, 720 ml 10,000 yen

Yamadanishiki rice for this sake is produced by Aratra in Yoshikawa-cho, Yoneta.

Very good and clean, but compared to the other two, there’s a bite.

4. 大吟醸龍力 米のささやき (daiginjyo tatsuriki komeno sasayaki YK-35) =Whispers of Rice, YK-35

5. 大吟醸龍力 米のささやき (daiginjyo tatsuriki komeno sasayaki YK-40-50) =Whispers of Rice, YK-40-50

6. 純米吟醸 龍力 (junmai ginjyo tatsuriki)

1.8 l 3,150 yen 720 ml 1,575 yen

Good for both cold and warm.

7. 特別純米龍力 山田錦 生もと仕込み (tokubetsu junmai tatsuriki yamadanishiki kimoto jikomi)

1.8 l 3,150 yen 720 mil 1,575 yen

This is our favorite and it’s very reasonably priced. Everyone at the tasting liked this one: versatile to match any food and drink cold or warm.

8. 龍力 祇園 生もと仕込み (tatsuriki gion kimotojikomi)

This is like Tatsuriki’s “experiment sake”. Usually to make sake, rice is milled away quite a bit depending on the type, but anywhare from 65%-40% of rice milled away for Tatsuriki. For example, 1 through 4 are all at 35% (65% milled away). What makes this Gion unique is that they milled away only 10%, leaving 90%. Naturally, acidity is high. Also, they used their own yeast.
9. 全麹仕込み純米吟醸龍力 千里馬 (zen kouji jikomi junmai ginjyo taturiki senrinouma)

This is rather sweet. Also, appear to be their experimental sake.

We got number 7 for its taste and versitilty and 8 to enjoy this rather unusal sake.


Mr. Honda from Tatsuriki on the right.

Also, for this tasting, we had a new caterer from Nishi Ogikubo, Omino , and their bento was definitely a perfect match for this special sake!


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