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Thank you for the Shizuoka mystery sake!

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Dear Robert-Gilles,

Thank you for sending us, Tokyo Sake Geeks, two wonderful bottles of Shizuoka mystery sake. Although, I was the one who called ourselves sake geeks before, looking at some pictures, I thought the name is a poor fit for this tasting group from last weekend. Tokyo Sake Babes? Too cheesy. Tokyo Sake Chicks? No, it might be a misnomer. Tokyo Sake Hens? I can hear Melinda, Ikuo, and Minako scream protesting the name. So, you and the group in Tokyo have to come up with a good snappy name eventually, don’t you think?

As always, you stripped all labels from the bottles. Thus, the mystery sake were truly impossible to guess. I believe your instruction was to start with the green bottle, which we followed religiously. As soon as we opened the bottle, fruity aromas filled air. Comments I managed to jot down are: “very fresh nama kind of sake”, “so many layers of flavor”, “sweet and dry”, “long lasting finish”, “sweet finish”, “high in alcohol, easy to get drunk”. Everyone was totally impressed by this wonderful sake from Shidaizumi.

Now, the second bottle you sent us was totally different from the first one. Less aroma, very dry and very smooth. We quickly shifted gears to adjust to this smooth sake from Kikuyoi. At the Shizuoka Sake event I missed in September, Kikuyoi was my sake friends’ pick for the day, so I said, “This is what they were talking about.” As everyone suspected, this one went so well with food we had that night, sashimi, oshizushi, and vegetable dishes.

As we alternated between food and ochoko, the “butler” for the night–who sadly did not dress in black coat and tie– prepared kan sake for us. Lightly warmed nurukan made both of these sake even better than room temperature. Sorry, but by this time, regardless of Melinda’s warning, my energy to keep up as a secretary ran out and from here on, I am simply relying on my memory. I remember how I loved the one from Shidaizumi both kan and cold–lots of flavors that change its personality with food or as the temperature changes. If I use our tasting friend Damon’s approach, I would call this bottle “a chatty friend who is fun to hang out with”. I think we had a split vote for Shidaizumi and Kikuyoi as a group.

When I read your last email with what these two mystery bottles were, I said, “I am not even going to try to guess any of the Shizuoka sake what it is, ever!” I would not have guessed the Shidaizumi bottle as Honjozo It had so much fruity aroma. The second one from Kikuyoi, I would have said Ginjo with its really smooth, nice, clean finish.

Regardless of the tricky nature of Shizuoka sake, we all truly enjoyed the night with the wonderful bottles you sent us and you are definitely turning us into Shizuoka sake fans. Also, with your dedication to and passion for Shizuoka sake and food, I strongly feel Shizuoka-ken jin owe you a big thank you. So, as one of the Shizuoka-ken jin who grew up in Hamamatsu, ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!!!



P.S. Any suggestions on the group name?

mystery sake from shizuokaMystery Sake from Shizuoka


4 Responses to “Thank you for the Shizuoka mystery sake!”

  1. I’ve got it! Tokyo Sake Sisters!

    Oh, I know. Shizuoka sake is so tricky. It’s all so lovely, but it’s terribly hard to pin down.

    Thank YOU for all the beautiful food, and tell Ted that next time I hope to see him in full butler regalia.


    Posted by melinda | October 29, 2007, 8:12 am
  2. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! I don’t envy you trying to nail down those bewitching shizuoka brews! have fun!


    Posted by Timothy | October 30, 2007, 10:29 am
  3. The Butler has finally gotten around to submitting a few ideas. During a long car ride with Bol, who will never get the idea of using this Intarweb thing to communicate with people, we had a brainstorming session.

    Bol liked Sake Cuties. Nihonshu Honeys also emerged. Feel free to begin gagging and wretching over those sickly sweet suggestions.

    How about The Ginjo Gals? Yongo-bin Yentas?

    Posted by Te-chan | November 1, 2007, 5:09 pm
  4. Melinda, Te-chan
    OK I am going to take a poll on the name. Stay tuned!

    Sake Samurai,
    Next time you are in Japan, we should plan a mystery sake tasting, yes, from Shizuoka!

    Posted by Et-chan | November 2, 2007, 8:47 am

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