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The Light of Hope

Thank you everyone for your concern and messages you sent after the disaster on March 11. The Tokyofoodcast duo are resuming our regular life in Tokyo where the city has fully recovered and returned to the normal affairs with vibrant energy. And, of course, our passion for sake and food has not changed.

We will continue to share our sake, food, and travel experiences with some updates from our life in Japan.

To kickstart the return of our long lost Tokyofoodcast site, I thought to share this short video about miracle sake we tasted at John Gauntner and Robert Yellin’s seminar at the end of April. This sake brewed by Hitakami in Ishinomaki was left in the tank untouched for two weeks after the disaster. Visit John’s site for the whole story (Scroll down to entries for April 7 and 13).



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