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Tohoku Izumi: Straight and to the point, but playful

Company Name: Takahashi Syuzoten
Prefecture: Yamagata
URL: (J) (E) N/A
You can review Tohoku Izumi at Kuniisaketen.

Ms. Takahashi, President of Takahashi Shuzo, appeared very reserved and quiet at the beginning of the monthly benkyokai at Mitsuya in June. We had a chance to taste their signature brand, Tohokizumi, with her. From her talk, it was very obvious the kura takes care of their people as well as their sake, as she was concerned that their Toji (Nanbu Toji), Jin, is single and tried to recruit a girlfriend or bride-to-be for him at the benkyokai.

As far as the characteristics of this sake, Ms. Takahashi puts it this way: “very little impact with the first sip or even second sip, but you end up drinking so much”. They make their sake less aromatic so that you can enjoy it not just for a small cup or two, but rather for a long time. So, if you want to take some time to enjoy sake with your food, Tohokuizumi is the perfect match. Also, as we were half into the tasting, Takahashi-san was much more relaxed everyone, including Te-chan, enjoyed talking with her.

The labels and naming scheme were also quite interesting.
Hey Omachi (Sorry to keep you waiting!) is daiginjyo made of Omachi rice. Iroyoi Henji (Good response) with two kappa, both male and female, on the label.

After tasting 5 kinds, Te-chan really wanted to order some, but forgot to leave an order slip at Mitsuya. Too much sake and good conversation tend to have that effect on him! We ended up picking up Iroyoihenji and Tohokuizumi tokubetsu junmai when we returned to Mitsuya for the next benkyokai.

Iroyoi Henji (with kappa on the label)


Tohoku Izumi Tokubetsu Junmai (front and back)

Tohokuizumi Tokubetsu Junmai


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