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Tokyo Sake Meetup: B.Y.O.S

Tokyofoodcast has been hosting a couple sake meetups over the last 6 months and for the first time, we had a Bring Your Own Sake (B.Y.O.S.) party. Picking a bottle for a tasting can be tough, so there was an option to pay a small fee instead of bringing a bottle. Surprisingly, well, but totally expected from this group, we ended up with more than what we asked for–58 go in total for 14 people, which is 14 and-a-half 720 ml bottles.

So, the group ended up with 13 different bottles, all very different as Jocelyn describes on her blog, and all in random order. When you have this many sake, it is hard to make any sense of it all, but I actually really enjoyed all the different types all the way to the very last one. If you are curious what we had that night, please visit our meetup message board. There’s a rather lengthy note there. What can you say? When it comes to sake, I truly enjoy writing everything down, not like my usual anything goes attitude.

Of course, we did not know what some of the bottles were. Later we found out what the three Shizuoka mystery bottles from from Robert-Gilles were. And, I did call Musashio shuzo to find out about the bottle I brought, which had been pressed on February 29. It was futsushu! But, a very nice one! If that was futsushu, I can’t imagine what their batches from other grades are like! So, to update Jocelyn’s list, we had 3 bottles of futsushu. The list reads now: futsushu (3), honjozo (1), junmai (4), junmai ginjo (4), to daiginjo (1).

The night was fun. Because of some back pain, I could not join Melinda‘s karaoke bash, but had a good buzz going home. Are you wondering if we finished up all the bottles? Well, up to the point I was leaving, we had not. We had drawings for each person to take a bottle back home–supposedly. But, reading Melinda and Jocelyn’s blog, I am not sure what happened to some of those bottles!

Next time, please come join us at the Tokyo Sake Meetup!

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5 Responses to “Tokyo Sake Meetup: B.Y.O.S”

  1. Well, I guess I finished off the bottle I won…

    Thanks again for the party, guys! Twas too much fun!

    Melinda x

    Posted by Melinda | March 8, 2008, 8:45 am
  2. Hi Melinda, Thanks! Have fun at your class!

    Posted by Et-chan | March 11, 2008, 9:49 am
  3. ara..

    when is the next meetup

    in tokyo or ??

    Posted by cory Lum | March 13, 2008, 5:54 pm
  4. Hi Cory, April one is going to be in Tokyo. Will you be in town?

    Posted by Et-chan | March 14, 2008, 7:04 am


  1. […] not have any grade information before ordering or even on the label. I brought one bottle to the Tokyo Sake Meetup B.Y.O.S in March and I had a chance to try three different Asaichi Shibori. Later I learned their grades […]

    Tank Number Matters - April 15, 2008

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