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Tsukiji Market: Looking for Vegetables?

Store Name: Tsukiji Market Vegetable Section
Address: Tsukiji
Description: vegetables
Hours: morning
Map of the MarketLook for 青果部卸売業者売場 MAP

People usually go to Tsukiji looking for fish. Next to the fish market, there is a very lively, but less crowded by tourists, fruit and vegetable wholesale market.

Looking for winter vegetables or hard to find mushrooms? Parsnips, beets, or Porcini? Or, something like artichokes, butternut squash, rhubarb, fennel, leeks…..

Two vegetable wholesalers have a wide coverage of these “not so commonly found in the Japanese supermarkets” vegetables. If you are like me, who loves artichokes, beets, fennel, parsnip etc, you can be in heaven here. Although they will sell to non-commercial customers, like myself, I found it is a bit challenging to decide what I wanted and at the same time watch where little carts with boxes of vegetables are going. So, I would not recommend Tsukiji Vegetable Wholesale Market unless you are making a special trip to see their fish section anyway.

1. Daiyu (大祐)

137 of the Tsukiji Market Vegetable Section

2. Kurosawa Seika (黒沢青果

167 of the Tsukiji Market Vegetable Section

About Tsukiji Market

Map of the Market
Look for 青果部卸売業者売場

If you are there, do not be discouraged by the rather busy atmosphere and carts.

Note: I saw some either green tomatoes or tomatillos at the market.


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