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Yuki No Bosha


Yuki No Bosha is by far my favorite sake. It is really good sake to begin with. When I learned how they make their sake, I was really stunned how they take a “craftsman” approach to the whole process. “Ultimate craftsman sake” is what I think of Yuki No Bosha as- by that, mean a pursuit of technical precision and execution, leavened with creative passion.

We attended our 2nd tasting of Yuki No Bosha in March. The first time we met their toji, Toichi Takahashi, we immediately fell in love with his personality. His attitude is really what makes Yuki No Bosha so special: witty, passionate, and really into the enjoyment of sake. This second tasting was with their Sales Manager- who is quieter but also very proud of the sake they make.

Yuki No Bosha has very good web site in English and sold in the US through Joto Sake.

A couple notes from the tasting missing from their web site.

At Yuko No Bosha, they follow these sake brewing principles to bring about the best results:
1. An entirely organic approach: organic rice, a kura with natural environment without the use of cleaning chemicals.
2. During the fermentation process they do not mix, but let the sake take time to brew by itself. The mixing process is called kaiire 櫂入れ。They switched to this method three years ago because the sake comes out more full this way.
3. No filtering
4. Not diluted. All their products are gen-syu

Out of the six sake I tried at the tasting, I liked them all. The daiginjyo is excellent. We had the 129th bottle.

I also liked Yamahai Junmai and 40% milled daiginjyo with kan. I saw this at True Sake in San Francisco.



4 Responses to “Yuki No Bosha”

  1. John Gauntner has a review on Yukino Bosha

    Posted by Et-chan | July 18, 2006, 11:06 am
  2. Sitting here with a glass of their “special” junmai ginjo! It’s luverly!

    Posted by Vinod V. | August 30, 2009, 8:41 am
  3. Yuki No Bosha is on our list to try and rate. Great info on the brewing principles.

    Posted by Pogogi | October 17, 2015, 2:25 am


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