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Secrets to tasty soba – Kakunodate Soba

“Do you have some time?” He invited me to the back of the restaurant to see his workshop where his seeds are prepared before milling.

Sake of the Week #054: Yamato Shizuku Yamahai Junmai

Finding a good izakaya with a good nihonshu list on Sundays presents a bit of a challenge…

Sake of the week #047: Yongo Nama

“Please disregard the labels on this bottle. I want you to pay attention to only the part that says yongo.” As Takamura-san brought out the fourth bottle to the table, he started to tell us the story.

Sake of the Week #043: Hokushika Junmaishu “Icehouse”

This sake is a special one for me. Not just because it is a complex and enjoyable brew, but because of where–and more specifically who–it came from. One of my students who will graduate next month brought me this bottle from her hometown because she knew how much I’d enjoy it.

Sake of the Week #040: Aramasa Tokubetsu Junmai Rokugo Hatsu-shibori Nama Genshu

This bottle was the first one we tried for the evening with an assortment of sashimi. It had a very soft, gentle “nama” feel with a very pleasant fruity taste in the middle.

Sake of the week #019: Kiichiro-no-sake Daiginjo

Kiichiro-no-sake Daiginjo This week, my friend and I brought one bottle of sake each to a dinner at a restaurant with more than 20 people. The event was at an all you can drink restaurant that takes group reservations only. In addition to this group only policy, the interesting concept behind this hole-in-the-wall type place […]

Sake of the week #009: Mansaku-no-hana Misato

Mansaku-no-hana Misato is my pick for this week. I think my big smile with the the bottle tells you more than anything I can possibly convey with words. Photo: Sato Shacho and Et-chan with Mansaku-no-hana Misato Mansaku-no-hana Junmaiginjo Misato made feel like I was with one of my old friends who has always been there […]

Akita Sake Galore

On a stormy, windy, rainy evening, more than 400 guests were greeted by Namahage to enjoy an almost equal number of kinds of sake from Akita. Organized by the Akita Brewer’s Association, the event was just incredible–with 30 kura from Akita in the same place to showcase their sake. Considering the sheer scale, it was […]


Company Name: Numadate Syuzo Prefecture: Akita URL: (Japanese) http://www.tatenoi.co.jp/ (English) http://www.tatenoi.co.jp/kengaku/index2-english.htm As the young successor to Numadate Syuzo, Mr. Oyagi, searches for how sake should evolve in what he sees as a transitional period. He was at the Mitsuya benkyokai in July. While he admits even in Akita, sake is sort of the third place […]

Yuki No Bosha

Yuki No Bosha is by far my favorite sake. It is really good sake to begin with. When I learned how they make their sake, I was really stunned how they take a “craftsman” approach to the whole process. “Ultimate craftsman sake” is what I think of Yuki No Bosha as- by that, mean a […]

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