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Kaiseki Journal 5: Choyo-no-Kaiseki

Chōyō (重陽)is the Japanese term for the Double Ninth Day which falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. In Japan, September 9th is Chrysanthemum Day, one of the five seasonal festivals in Japan. To me, today is the most tranquil festival of all five, even compared with the rather quiet nanakusa day on January 7th.

Kaiseki Journal 4: Asa chaji no kaiseki

The asacha tea gathering is held early in the morning to avoid the summer’s sweltering heat. Or, at least, the idea is to avoid the midday sun and heat that makes it hard to breathe, just like when you step into a sauna. Imagine the heat from the air combined with burning coal and boiling water in an iron pot in a small tea room!

The ceremony starts around 6:00 am and I wonder what time the host starts to prepare for the early morning. One answer I got from my sensei is around 4:00 am.

The August kaiseki menu was rather simple and light for asa chaji.

Kaiseki Journal 3: Seika-no-tenshin

Please visit the first post of Tokyofoodcast Kaiseki Journal 1, Shoburo-no-kaiseki to find out about cha-kaiseki and story behind this series. Starting sometime around mid-June, all I want to eat is simple cold noodles and salad to battle the unbearable heat and humidity. During the summer, the whole country flees to kakigori, hiyashi chuka, and […]

Kaiseki Journal 2: Minazuki-no-kaiseki

Please visit the first post of Tokyofood Kaiseki Journal, Shoburo-no-kaiseki to find out about cha-kaiseki and story behind this series. June Kaiseki Theme: Minazuki-no-kaiseki Minazuki is the sixth month in the traditional Lunar calendar Minazuki-no-kaiseki Mukozuke (Fish) – Tobiuo-no-tataki Tobiuo or flying fish is in season around this time of the year. It is filleted […]

Kaiseki Journal 1: Shoburo-no-kaiseki

April marks the completion of my one year kaiseki cooking class at Better Homes! Yay! The class focused both on cooking techniques and on cha-kaiseki, which I did not know much about. Before taking this class I always thought kaiseki meant intricate culinary art and presentation, but understanding the cha-kaiseki tradition and philosophy opened up […]

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