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Secrets to tasty soba – Kakunodate Soba

“Do you have some time?” He invited me to the back of the restaurant to see his workshop where his seeds are prepared before milling.

Sake of the Week #056: Tensei Junmai aged 5 years

So, here we are, at Mokichi Trattoria. Everything at Mokichi was impeccable but at the same time so comfortable and relaxed. We loved it here, especially the last glass we had- Tensei Junmai aged for five years in sherry casks. And, it is not available anywhere but in these two restaurants. See what Te-chan had to say!

The Light of Hope

To kickstart the return of our long lost Tokyofoodcast site, I thought to share this short video about miracle sake we tasted at John Gauntner and Robert Yellin’s seminar at the end of April. This sake brewed by Hitakami in Ishinomaki was left in the tank untouched for two weeks after the disaster.

No SotW this time-Keep your eye out for One Koku

Gambatte, Jumanai Djimi Django!

Sake of the Week #055: Jokigen Misatonishiki Hiyaoroshi

Is it just my imagination, or is hiya oroshi getting earlier? It feels like it, but maybe that’s just me getting in tune. A perfect example of wishing summer was over and fall was here and looking for the seasonal change on the shelves of the sake shop.

Sake of the Week #054: Yamato Shizuku Yamahai Junmai

Finding a good izakaya with a good nihonshu list on Sundays presents a bit of a challenge…

Sake of the Week #053: Nabeshima Summer Moon

The only silvery moon for us was coming out of a bottle.

Sake of the week #052: Kaiun Daiginjo Hase Shokichi

On Friday, we opened a very special bottle of Kaiun which I thought to be perfect for our anniversary post. This rectangular bottle is actually what got me started with sake so many years ago.

We’re going to Joy of Sake in Honolulu!

Anybody else going to be in Honolulu next week?

Sake of the Week #051: Azuma-ichi Daiginjo Nama

About once a month or so I get together with a group of teachers from around Japan to work on a faculty development project. We gather in Tokyo from all over Japan: from Tohoku to Kyushu. It is my good luck that many of them are nihonshu otaku just like me. When we are done wracking our brains over how to improve English teaching, we close the books and head outside for what our non-imbibing colleagues have termed “The Homeless Party”.

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