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Sake of the week #050: Kinkon Junmai Usu-nigori

Kinkon Junmai Usu-nigori “Are there any breweries in Tokyo?” Not only visitors from overseas, but even locals ask this question with a tone that tells me they expect a “No”. That’s my favorite moment to come back and respond, “Actually, we have some really good sake breweries in Tokyo….” Last Monday was the monthly tasting […]

Sake in the news

Over the past week, there has been great sake coverage in the media. It’s so nice to see our friends in publications in two big cities on two continents. The latest article, “Sake Rewards the Adventurous Drinker” by Eric Asimov in Wednesday’s New York Times gives advice for people worried about being overwhelmed by getting […]

Sake of the week #049: Kozaemon Yuzu

For the past five months, that last bottle of Kozaemon nihonshu blended with the pungent yuzu citrus juice from Kochi was laying on the top shelf of our fridge. As the weather got closer and closer to being perfect for this very light, summery drink, the bottle stared back at me and I thought, “It is time”. Every time I opened the fridge was a daily reminder to myself of my promise and that summer was coming.

My Favorite Summer Dish: Ayu Gohan

Last night, I had my first ayu gohan of the season at Igarashi. This simple dish, lightly grilled fresh water fish cooked with rice in a clay pot, is so distinctively summery to me and I especially appreciate the bitter taste of the sweetfish with rice.

Sake of the Week #048: Kopirinko

Finding a place in Kyoto

I usually point out that we do not have a street and number system in Tokyo. Three sets of numbers at the end of a Tokyo address zeroes in from a big area, then to a specific block, and finally ends at a specific unit on that block. Then, just to make things interesting, I add that there’s no set direction for how the numbering goes up and down. It’s confusing, but at least that’s how I am so used to associating numbers and places.

Sake of the week #047: Yongo Nama

“Please disregard the labels on this bottle. I want you to pay attention to only the part that says yongo.” As Takamura-san brought out the fourth bottle to the table, he started to tell us the story.

Sake of the week #046: Toroman

“What? You bought more sake?” Etsuko asked, bewildered.

“Yeah, but not today. I got it last year at that tasting at Kuraya.”

You may see the kind of problem we’ve run into. Sometimes you just have to buy a bottle, or two, or three. They tend to pile up

Sake of the Week #045: FIFA World Cup Sake

Who said watching football only goes with lager?

Become a fugu chef in Tokyo?

“The test is coming up soon and chefs are getting ready,” one wholesaler confirmed.

Hmm… So, you can practice to take a test to be a licensed fugu chef? Well, actually regulations do not make it so easy for just anyone to treat the deadly puffer fish

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