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Funazushi Finale

Funazushi at Kitashina In a series of recent posts, I summarized the very special food that is funazushi: where we had good funazushi and the history and traditions behind this special dish from Shiga. I’ll finally finish off this Shiga cuisine series for now. That is until our next trip to uncover more yummy places […]

Making Funazushi

No, this is not how to make your own stinky-fish treats at home. Although, you could probably make a decent start after watching this video. Previously at Tokyofoodcast, Et-chan described the amazing dishes we had at Kitashina and briefly how Okami-san gave a demonstration of her fish preparation technique. So, I’d like to introduce my […]

Dishes from Japan’s biggest lake

At Kitashina Omi Takashima station lies on the west coast of Lake Biwa in Shiga only one hour away from Kyoto by local JR train. With that kind of proximity to the ancient capital, I was expecting another commuter suburb with an AEON or equivalent generic shopping center and a Tsutaya. When we arrived at […]

Funazushi 101

Funazushi at Kitashina, Shiga Funazushi as we see it today is widely known as the signature Shiga dish that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether because of its stinky nature or just the idea of miraculous micro-organisms hard at work in your food, this dish provokes passionate discussion, splitting people into two […]

Tokyofoodcast on the Trail of Funazushi

Funazushi at Kitashina, Takashima, Shiga Last year, I was in Nagahama, Shiga for Funazushi for the first time in my life! This year, we had a special opportunity to sample two very good, but quite different forms of the original sushi. Funazushi has been made of fresh water fish from Lake Biwa since at least […]

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