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Small pleasures 001: Chou a la Creme from Le Fromage

Growing up in New England before the era of foodie-ism, the local corner bakery either didn’t exist, or was most likely Dunkin Donuts for a lot of my early years. Au Bon Pain and Vie de France were better, but not great improvements. So, one of the things I do love about living in Japan, [...]


… Finally, I think it is the people that makes this tagine ryori and nihonshu place so comfortable. Shimada-san and Ichikawa-san behind the counter are perfect professionals, but their passion for nihonshu kind of rubs off. It’s just fun to sit at the counter and watch them and chat about sake when they have a moment. They do not have an English menu, but don’t worry. If you have nihongo-phobia, Shimada-san and Ichikawa-san can guide you through their menu and drinks in English.

Sake of the Week #040: Aramasa Tokubetsu Junmai Rokugo Hatsu-shibori Nama Genshu

This bottle was the first one we tried for the evening with an assortment of sashimi. It had a very soft, gentle “nama” feel with a very pleasant fruity taste in the middle.

Our first B.Y.O.S Tasting

Merry Xmas! Inspired by Tim’s B.Y.O.S (Bring Your Own Sake) tasting, six sake connoisseurs in Tokyo gathered at our favorite neighborhood okonomiyaki place, Kurobee, on Sunday, 17 December. The restaurant is run by a very nice couple we have known for over 5 years. Little did they know the group of people they were going [...]

Gotanda: Mundo Latino—South American Food Store

Mundo Latino Address:Ochiai Bld. 3F 1-12-12 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo description:Latain American Food and Latin Music Store TEL: 03-6408-0748 Hours: abierto todos los dias 10:00 -19:00 map Good Latin American Food store in Gotanda. Although, the store is small, they cover many products and countries. All their products can be purchased online or by phone. [...]

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