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Kawasaki: Plaspa Meat Authentic Brazilian Butcher

Real Brazilian style BBQ, Feijoada served here. And, you can buy meat, sausages, beans etc

Looking For Plantains in Japan?

I found plantains one of the most difficult to find items in Japan. I just came across the Pacific Fruit Limited’s Plaintain Network where you can find a store that carries plantains. I have not tried this myself, but looks like Jusco is a good place to start? Note: Information may be old. Teditor Update: [...]

Ueno: Best Asian Grocery Spot in Tokyo “Ameyoko Center”

This is one of a few spots you feel you are strolling a narrow street somewhere in Asia. Although the space is tiny, B1 of Ameyoko Center bldg in Ameyoko, Ueno offers a lot: from live turtles to plantains. If you are looking for Asian food, fish, meat, veg, this is the best place to start. [...]

Ikebukuro Halal Food Store: Asian Shopping Center

Asian Shopping Center Asian Shopping Center Address: 4th Floor 1-18-16 Nishi Ikebukuro Description: Halal Food (Indian, Pakistan, Bengal) & Video Rental TEL: 03-3971-2966 Hours: 11:00 am- Items to look for: Frozen Halal Meat Spices Samosas Kabobus It appears they make their own samosas and kabobus. They have a big video rental space, almost as big [...]

Azabu Juban: Nisshin World Delicatessen

Nisshin World Delicatessen Address: 2-34-2 Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044 Description: Imported Foods, Wine TEL: 03-3583-4586 Hours: 9:00 am~9:00 pm open every day 地図 I finally got to Nisshin after living very close to this store for 3 years. I remember I saw a newspaper ad once, but I had not come across this store before. [...]

Ikebukuro: Nikko Shoji Chinese/Asian Food Store

big chinese and Asian food store in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro: Al-Flah Trading Halal Food Store

Halal Food in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro: Looking for Spice?

Marusei Shoji Address: at Ikebukuro Seibu Dept B2F between The Garden and Seisen Club(Fish, Meat section) Description:Specializes in Herb/Spice/Chinese/Italian canned, bottled, dried foods TEL: 03-3994-5111 Wide variety of spices, even with hard to find ones such as Ajowan, Savory, Long Black Pepper. Probably more than 30 kinds of spices—excluding various mixed spices. If you are [...]

Tsukiji Market: Looking for Vegetables?

This is my adventure at Tsukiji Market looking for hard to find vegetables.


Grocery store with vegetable selection

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