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Sake of the week #035: Tatsuriki Junmai Daiginjo Nihon no Sakura

No wonder Tatsuriki never lets me down…

Tokyofoodcast’s San’in Trip: Day One

The day I returned from visiting Chiyomusubi in Sakaiminato in January, we opened a bottle of Tamagawa Tetsukezu Genshu from Kinoshita Shuzo. This was bottled directly from the giant accordion of a pressing machine, or Yabuta. It was so bubbly and lively. I happened to also bring back some Matsuba Kani from Tottori that day. The sake itself was great, but with the crab, that was just soooo good. That’s when I pulled out a map of Japan to see where Kumihama, Kyoto is.

“It’s on the Japan Sea coast and not far from Tottori or for that matter, Shimane is pretty close.” After going to a tasting of Shimane sake, I was really impressed by the region. Thus, my first casual thoughts boiled and bubbled over the next few weeks to finally emerge as a plan for a grand tour around San’in in March.

Fall Food and Sake Tasting Menu with Tatsuriki

Once a year in October, Tatsuriki has a very special sit-down dinner pairing their sake with very nice Japanese food. This Tokyo event is something I truly look forward to; it serves as one of my signals that autumn has begun, or it is sake season. Tatsuriki is a very popular brew and is frequently […]

First Tokyo Sake Meetup Event

In the midst of Typhoon #4 that was about to hit Tokyo, fearless sake enthusiasts got together at Ginjo Kura 66 for the first Tokyo Sake Meetup. In the pouring rain, the bar still managed to get good traffic for an early Saturday evening, but somehow, we managed to be the loudest group at the […]

Match made in heaven:Tatsuriki-Lebanese food?

I love Tatsuriki. I love Lebanese food. So, if two are put together, what would happen? When I heard about a charity event hosted by Sakaya Kurihara on November 4th to pair Tatsuriki with Lebanese food catered by Lebanon Cafe, the first word that came to mind was “How?”. Then I thought of sesame, lemon, […]

Tatsuriki: Sake of Dragon’s Might

Tatsuriki In December, I was at a sake tasting featuring Tatsuriki. What a delightful event it was! Nine kinds of wonderful sake from Tatsuriki is one thing, but Mr. Honda’s passion for the soil and the right kind of rice to make the best sake instantly turned me into a Tatsuriki fan. Tatsuriki (Dragon’s Might) […]

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