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Dangerous sake?

Once in a while, you may see a sake bottle with bright red letters warning “Kiken-na sake”. At the last Ichibe monthly kikizake-kai featuring Chiyomusubi, we learned how dangerous sake can be tamed when the proper precautions are taken.

Kubi 5 Ro

When I stopped at the Tokyu Foodshow in Shibuya last week, I spotted Kaiun‘s crown jewel bottles, to-bin dori daiginjo that hold Toji’s name, Hase Shokichi label, wrapped in a thin white paper and carefully stocked in the refrigerator. Whenever I see this bottle in a shop, I can’t help myself but pause for a […]

Tokyo Sake Meetup: B.Y.O.S

Tokyofoodcast has been hosting a couple sake meetups over the last 6 months and for the first time, we had a Bring Your Own Sake (B.Y.O.S.) party. Picking a bottle for a tasting can be tough, so there was an option to pay a small fee instead of bringing a bottle. Surprisingly, well, but totally […]

Comfort food from Hachinohe – Senbei Jiru

I have heard about this specialty nabe from Aomori, senbei jiru or nabe. Senbei is usually a snack, a round or square shaped cracker flavored with all kinds of extras, such as salt, soy, or sugar and soy. Senbei in a meal? I could not picture soy flavored rice crackers cooked in a steamy pot […]


Sakaguchi, a Toji who learned the craft of sake brewing from two of the four Noto Toji Shien-o: Naruse of Kaiun and Nouguchi from Jokigen, creates one of the best sake. We were at Ichibe for tasting event where they had 11 different kinds of Sogen. As you can imagine, after 11 kinds of sake […]

Yuki No Bosha

Yuki No Bosha is by far my favorite sake. It is really good sake to begin with. When I learned how they make their sake, I was really stunned how they take a “craftsman” approach to the whole process. “Ultimate craftsman sake” is what I think of Yuki No Bosha as- by that, mean a […]


In January, we tried something new and went to the sake tasting at Ichibe in Ogikubo. Just like at Mitsuya Sake Tasting Takase-sensei leads the tasting and gives a lecture on sake. In January, the topic for the lecture was “Tales of Sake Drinkers” where we learned a great deal about long history of sake […]

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