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Sake of the Week #055: Jokigen Misatonishiki Hiyaoroshi

Is it just my imagination, or is hiya oroshi getting earlier? It feels like it, but maybe that’s just me getting in tune. A perfect example of wishing summer was over and fall was here and looking for the seasonal change on the shelves of the sake shop.

Pictures of food: Ishikawa

We’ve had plenty of long posts at Tokyofoodcast lately, so I thought to put up a simple food and sake slideshow of all the goodness we had in Kanazawa and other parts of Ishikawa prefecture. Delicious food and sake are waiting for you there. Hope you get through all thirty-two pictures without getting too hungry! […]

Jibuni at Jugatsuya in Kanazawa

If asked for a typical dish from Kanazawa, what would you say? Aside from crab, if someone says pickled fish or various parts of marine creatures, you know what that person likes to drink! Normally, I believe many people would name jibuni as signature Kaga dish. Jibuni at Jugatsuya, Kanazawa Wait, wait, what is jibuni? […]

Omicho Ichiba in Kanazawa

Omicho Ichiba Omicho Ichiba is a must see for foodies if you are visiting Kanazawa. But, I hope you don’t make the same mistake I made if you are planning to go there! On my recent visit to Kanazawa in March, I almost missed the one thing I really really wanted to see, the market. […]

Wajima Morning Market – Continued

Aside from the old ladies that make the Wajima asa-ichi so different from any other markets you see around Japan, the variety of seafood at the market is quite different too, even different from Kanazawa’s nearby Omicho Market. I imagine most of the items you see on the street in this little coastal town haven’t […]

Wajima Morning Market

The morning market in Wajima, a small city in the middle of the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa, reminded me of colorful markets I visited so many years ago in Las Paz. Ladies at Wajima asa-ichi do not wear tall hats nor do they braid their hair. Besides the rather gray and quiet market does not have […]

How much seafood is too much?

We love food; we tend to eat a lot; and it’s not very often we leave food on the table when we go out. Even when that means ending the meal with a regretful “Oh, I ate too much”, we manage to stuff ourselves with everything served on the table. However, on this rarest of […]


Sakaguchi, a Toji who learned the craft of sake brewing from two of the four Noto Toji Shien-o: Naruse of Kaiun and Nouguchi from Jokigen, creates one of the best sake. We were at Ichibe for tasting event where they had 11 different kinds of Sogen. As you can imagine, after 11 kinds of sake […]

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