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Kinpou Sakagura

Kinpou Sakagura When we returned to Kinpou Shuzo for harvesting, we stopped by at Kinpou Sakagura, an izakaya a few minutes from Koriyama station that carries sake exclusively made by Kinpou Shuzo. This was our second time here, after liking it so much in June on the way back from the rice field. Back in [...]

In the real world

Friday, December 8th was a very special day. For the first time, after the cyber tasting and exchanging email messages, three bloggers, Melinda who lives in Tokyo, Valerie from St. Paul and I enjoyed our first tasting at Buri in Ebisu, along with friends and family mentioned in their blogs. Hopefully, we can do this [...]

A first visit to Kura 70

Follow the posters Kura 70 is an event sake standing bar open in Tokyo Station from 16 May through 5 August 2006. The Nihon Ginjo Kyokai presents 70 different sake here from 17:00 to 20:30 L.O., Tuesday through Saturday evenings. JR Tokyo Station, Yaesu Exit, turn left and look for Kitchen Street. 03 3378 1231. [...]

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