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Yamaso-Oyster Wholesaler at Ota Shijo

So, where to buy raw oysters year-round in Tokyo? When the great oyster bar bargains are over, and if you can shuck your own oysters, Yamaso is the place. This oyster wholesaler sits right in the Suisan-to, or the warehouse like building for handling the marine products, at the Ota Shijo. They specialize in imported […]

Ota Wholesale Market: A Great Tsukiji Alternative

Back in the midst of the Norovirus scare that spread across the whole nation, we went ahead and planned an oyster dinner for some friends at home anyway. But during that winter of 2007 it appeared that raw oysters had simply disappeared completely from markets and restaurants because a health report from the government somewhat […]

Attention to all oyster lovers in Tokyo!

Photo: Tokyo Oyster Bar in Gotanda July seems like the time for great bargains, well, for oyster lovers. If you feel like raw oysters and cool wine, there are several specials in July in Tokyo. 1. Tokyo Oyster Bar in Gotanda Tokyo Oyster Bar in Gotanda is having a special campaign until July 31, 2009. […]

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