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Secrets to tasty soba – Kakunodate Soba

“Do you have some time?” He invited me to the back of the restaurant to see his workshop where his seeds are prepared before milling.

Japanese Language for Japanese Food

I’d like to share a truly useful resource for acquiring Japanese. This comes dangerously close to crossing over from my role as food and sake otaku to my day job of language otaku, but here goes anyway. Smart.fm is a website for learning, especially for learning language. That sounds very simple, but the tools they provide are based on sound cognitive science research and work well. If you want to learn more about how Smart.fm works, please watch this short video, or just take my word for it that the system works and read on to the good stuff-food.

Dishes from Japan’s biggest lake

At Kitashina Omi Takashima station lies on the west coast of Lake Biwa in Shiga only one hour away from Kyoto by local JR train. With that kind of proximity to the ancient capital, I was expecting another commuter suburb with an AEON or equivalent generic shopping center and a Tsutaya. When we arrived at […]

Tokyofoodcast on the Trail of Funazushi

Funazushi at Kitashina, Takashima, Shiga Last year, I was in Nagahama, Shiga for Funazushi for the first time in my life! This year, we had a special opportunity to sample two very good, but quite different forms of the original sushi. Funazushi has been made of fresh water fish from Lake Biwa since at least […]

Pictures of food: Ishikawa

We’ve had plenty of long posts at Tokyofoodcast lately, so I thought to put up a simple food and sake slideshow of all the goodness we had in Kanazawa and other parts of Ishikawa prefecture. Delicious food and sake are waiting for you there. Hope you get through all thirty-two pictures without getting too hungry! […]

Jibuni at Jugatsuya in Kanazawa

If asked for a typical dish from Kanazawa, what would you say? Aside from crab, if someone says pickled fish or various parts of marine creatures, you know what that person likes to drink! Normally, I believe many people would name jibuni as signature Kaga dish. Jibuni at Jugatsuya, Kanazawa Wait, wait, what is jibuni? […]

Tokyo Government Now Supporting Non Fluent Foodies?

Have you had problems reading menus at restaurants when traveling in Japan? The Tokyo Metropolitan Government just rolled out a website menu-tokyo.jp to help restaurants create multilingual menus in English, Korean, and Chinese. The coverage of menu items is quite extensive. Just to test out how it works, I selected sashimi as a keyword and […]

How much seafood is too much?

We love food; we tend to eat a lot; and it’s not very often we leave food on the table when we go out. Even when that means ending the meal with a regretful “Oh, I ate too much”, we manage to stuff ourselves with everything served on the table. However, on this rarest of […]

Have you had dobujiru?

If you have, you must have been to Ibaraki. When I got an invitation to go to Oarai, a small Ibaraki town on the Pacific coast near Mito, to enjoy a pairing of locally brewed sake and this peculiar sounding dish, I was a bit puzzled. Ibaraki is famous for the winter delicacy, anko or […]

Christmas Dinner at Gomangoku

Why Christmas? We’re already past Groundhog’s Day, right? In the next couple of posts, I am returning to 2008 to post things I missed during the midst of my computer hell in which not one, but two laptops died in my hands. So, think back to December, and I will work my way from there […]

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