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Yuba Yuba

When I was writing a post for the Nihon Sun, and needed a typical regional food, yuba from Nikko was the first thing that came to mind. Yuba is made from soy milk. The milk is boiled until a skin forms, which is then removed in a thin layer. While Kyoto is best known for [...]

Happy Tur….tle Day!

Photo credit:panduh:CC by-nc-sa 2.0 “Fugu is not adventurous enough!” my former boss exclaimed when planning a surprise dinner for his guest from the US; he wanted to make it memorable and adventurous. “Have you had suppon?”, he challenged me. I replied that I’d had it once about ten years ago. So, there it was, we [...]

Ichinoseki The home of mochi

When I heard that the Ichinoseki area is called “the home of mochi“, I thought of New Year’s Day. Or rather, I should say New Year’s Eve when my family geared up for massive production of mochi for the whole family and extended family at the holiday. We literally spent the entire day making so [...]

Taste of Shimane

Back in October 2007, I went to a Shimane Sake Tasting that featured 13 brewers from this part of San’in presenting their best in Tokyo. Melinda and I were both really impressed by what these Shimane brewers offered and I went home thinking about a trip to the source to visit some of the kura [...]

Tokyo Sake Meetup: B.Y.O.S

Tokyofoodcast has been hosting a couple sake meetups over the last 6 months and for the first time, we had a Bring Your Own Sake (B.Y.O.S.) party. Picking a bottle for a tasting can be tough, so there was an option to pay a small fee instead of bringing a bottle. Surprisingly, well, but totally [...]

Zen birthday lunch

Shojin ryori at Sanko-in Since we moved to Tokyo, every year around October, I plan a mystery dinner or lunch out for Te-chan’s birthday. Mystery in the sense that he has no idea where I am taking him. This year, I made a lunch reservation at Sankoin Temple in Musashi Koganei, famous for its Kyoto [...]

Junior Sake Samurai Find Their Regular Izakaya

The Official Sake Samurai title went to our sake friend Tim at Urbansake for all his much appreciated devotion to sake and culture. When he was in the ancient capital, Kyoto, did he have any idea that a band of junior samurai from the wild-wild-east, the infamous Tokyo Sake Meetup group, would be running around [...]

Kinpou Sakagura

Kinpou Sakagura When we returned to Kinpou Shuzo for harvesting, we stopped by at Kinpou Sakagura, an izakaya a few minutes from Koriyama station that carries sake exclusively made by Kinpou Shuzo. This was our second time here, after liking it so much in June on the way back from the rice field. Back in [...]

Our first B.Y.O.S Tasting

Merry Xmas! Inspired by Tim’s B.Y.O.S (Bring Your Own Sake) tasting, six sake connoisseurs in Tokyo gathered at our favorite neighborhood okonomiyaki place, Kurobee, on Sunday, 17 December. The restaurant is run by a very nice couple we have known for over 5 years. Little did they know the group of people they were going [...]

Match made in heaven:Tatsuriki-Lebanese food?

I love Tatsuriki. I love Lebanese food. So, if two are put together, what would happen? When I heard about a charity event hosted by Sakaya Kurihara on November 4th to pair Tatsuriki with Lebanese food catered by Lebanon Cafe, the first word that came to mind was “How?”. Then I thought of sesame, lemon, [...]

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