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Sake of the Week #054: Yamato Shizuku Yamahai Junmai

Finding a good izakaya with a good nihonshu list on Sundays presents a bit of a challenge…

Sake of the Week #053: Nabeshima Summer Moon

The only silvery moon for us was coming out of a bottle.

Sake of the week #052: Kaiun Daiginjo Hase Shokichi

On Friday, we opened a very special bottle of Kaiun which I thought to be perfect for our anniversary post. This rectangular bottle is actually what got me started with sake so many years ago.

Sake of the week #050: Kinkon Junmai Usu-nigori

Kinkon Junmai Usu-nigori “Are there any breweries in Tokyo?” Not only visitors from overseas, but even locals ask this question with a tone that tells me they expect a “No”. That’s my favorite moment to come back and respond, “Actually, we have some really good sake breweries in Tokyo….” Last Monday was the monthly tasting […]

Sake of the week #049: Kozaemon Yuzu

For the past five months, that last bottle of Kozaemon nihonshu blended with the pungent yuzu citrus juice from Kochi was laying on the top shelf of our fridge. As the weather got closer and closer to being perfect for this very light, summery drink, the bottle stared back at me and I thought, “It is time”. Every time I opened the fridge was a daily reminder to myself of my promise and that summer was coming.

Sake of the week #047: Yongo Nama

“Please disregard the labels on this bottle. I want you to pay attention to only the part that says yongo.” As Takamura-san brought out the fourth bottle to the table, he started to tell us the story.

Sake of the Week #045: FIFA World Cup Sake

Who said watching football only goes with lager?

Sake of the Week #042: Tamagawa Daiginjo Shizuku Muroka Nama Genshu

In the next few month, I will be in Kyoto a few more times. I am sure I will add more good sake bars on the list, but Inaseya is definitely the place to go back for to check out what other funky crazy new muroka nama genshu they have in stock!

Sake of the Week #041: Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjo

You mean THE Otokoyama?” I do not remember much around the conversation before or after this question, but I do remember one time someone asked me if I was talking about “The Otokoyama” when the name came up. Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjo we tasted on Saturday is so classic and it felt so appropriate to call this bottle “The Otokoyama”.

Sake of the Week #040: Aramasa Tokubetsu Junmai Rokugo Hatsu-shibori Nama Genshu

This bottle was the first one we tried for the evening with an assortment of sashimi. It had a very soft, gentle “nama” feel with a very pleasant fruity taste in the middle.

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