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Sake of the week #038: SakéOne Moonstone Raspberry

“It’s all clear, just like regular nihonshu!” I was totally caught by surprise since I was expecting a trace of reddish raspberry color in the brew as I poured it into a beer mug. [Beautiful picture of berries CC @calliope on Flickr]

Sake of the week #035: Tatsuriki Junmai Daiginjo Nihon no Sakura

No wonder Tatsuriki never lets me down…

Sake of the week #033: Wakatake Daiginjo Onikoroshi

In which Et-chan goes all the way to San Jose for sake from Shizuoka!

Sake of the week #032: Shichihonyari Junmai 80% Nama Genshu

It wasn’t long ago that Et-chan waxed rhapsodic about Shichihonyari, but I couldn’t resist coming back to them this week. The fact that we had two bottles in the fridge that we had ordered after Tomita Shuzo’s recent visit to Takase-sensei’s benkyokai helped.

Sake of the week #031: Hagi no Tsuyu Genryu Wataribune Ginjo Junmai Muroka

Fully 85% of Hagi no Tsuyu brew stays right at its home prefecture, consumed in Shiga. Somehow in Tokyofoodcast’s fridge, though, their Genryu Wataribune Ginjo Junmai Muroka gets refilled every time we finish one. It’s one of those bottles on auto-refill mode whenever I go to Mitsuya in Nishi Ogi.

Sake of the week #030: Masumi Yamahai Zukuri Junmai Ginjo

In September, I visited Keith-san, marketing manager at Masumi in Suwa, Nagano. When he mentioned a new Yamahai Zukuri Junmai Ginjo, how could I resist getting a bottle to try at home! Even when the transaction meant possibly missing my train back to Tokyo, I had to grab a bottle that had only been released a few days before.

We finally had a chance to try it this week. Having been aged for two summers, this Yamahai had a deep note of honey balanced by a gentle acidity leading to a clean finish. We enjoyed it first by itself and admired the golden color.

Sake of the week #029: Sawa no Hana Junmai Ginjo Hitogokochi

Funny how just a slight change in the weather and temperature can change your cravings. The days are still pretty hot, but it has cooled down in the evenings quite a bit lately. For the first time this fall, I was craving creamy, hearty pasta. So, I mixed a jar of artichoke cream sauce with sake kasu, sauteed onion, butter, flour and non-fat milk to dish up with some big tube pasta.

Then the drink choice. I had already poured a good amount of Shichihonyari Junmai we had in the fridge from a couple nights ago in the sauce and it was almost gone. So which bottle to open? Sawa-no-hana Junmai Ginjo Hitogokochi was my pick.

Sake of the Week #028: Sagaminada Tokubetsu Junmai is my new local

One reason why Sagaminada caught my interest is that they are almost my second “local”. Work takes me out to Machida and Sagamihara everyday, so these guys are my nearest sake brewery. They really have respect from their community.

Sake of the week #027: Kikuyoi Junmai Ginjo Matsushita-mai 50

Then it hit him. Hit him like a ton of bricks, it did.
“Holy shit! Sake brewing! What the hell have I been
thinking! It has been with me my whole life!”

Sake of the week #025: Shichihonyari Junmai Daiginjo Wataribune Kibune Jikagumi

“I thought I was done with nama and I had moved on, you know, but with this one…”

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