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Sake of the week #052: Kaiun Daiginjo Hase Shokichi

On Friday, we opened a very special bottle of Kaiun which I thought to be perfect for our anniversary post. This rectangular bottle is actually what got me started with sake so many years ago.

Sake of the week #033: Wakatake Daiginjo Onikoroshi

In which Et-chan goes all the way to San Jose for sake from Shizuoka!

Sake of the week #027: Kikuyoi Junmai Ginjo Matsushita-mai 50

Then it hit him. Hit him like a ton of bricks, it did.
“Holy shit! Sake brewing! What the hell have I been
thinking! It has been with me my whole life!”

Sake Bloggers Summit in Shizuoka

What do sake bloggers talk about when they finally meet in person? At the unofficial 2008 Sake Bloggers Summit, only two things filled our entire day for oh…. about 15 hours, non-stop. Sake, of course, and Shizuoka. When the Sake Samurai, Tim, said he was coming back to Japan for this year’s Sake Samurai ceremony, […]

Kubi 5 Ro

When I stopped at the Tokyu Foodshow in Shibuya last week, I spotted Kaiun‘s crown jewel bottles, to-bin dori daiginjo that hold Toji’s name, Hase Shokichi label, wrapped in a thin white paper and carefully stocked in the refrigerator. Whenever I see this bottle in a shop, I can’t help myself but pause for a […]

Thank you for the Shizuoka mystery sake!

Dear Robert-Gilles, Thank you for sending us, Tokyo Sake Geeks, two wonderful bottles of Shizuoka mystery sake. Although, I was the one who called ourselves sake geeks before, looking at some pictures, I thought the name is a poor fit for this tasting group from last weekend. Tokyo Sake Babes? Too cheesy. Tokyo Sake Chicks? […]

Mystery Sake from Shizuoka

Robert-Gilles, you have the power, you have the key to this mystery…. Everyone at the tasting is dying to know what those three bottles were. Our Shizuoka sake guru, Robert-Gilles at Shizuoka Sake, kindly sent us, the Tokyo sake geeks (me and Melinda), these three bottles without the labels. So, the only thing we knew […]


In January, we tried something new and went to the sake tasting at Ichibe in Ogikubo. Just like at Mitsuya Sake Tasting Takase-sensei leads the tasting and gives a lecture on sake. In January, the topic for the lecture was “Tales of Sake Drinkers” where we learned a great deal about long history of sake […]

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