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Akemashite omedetou gozaimashu!

Happy New Year 2014!

Japan Blog Matsuri: My Favorite Place in Japan

Need a bit of a break from knives, food, and sake? Please visit the May Japan Blog Matsuri hosted on Nihon Sun to read everyone’s submission on the subject, “My Favorite Place in Japan”, as well as to view some stunning images. This was my first time to submit a post to the Matsuri and […]

Secrets of Tokyofoodcast revealed on TokyoTopia

At the beginning of our blog history, we were really shy to talk about ourselves. Eventually, though, we added more information about us, E & T on our About Tokyofoodcast page. Now, we can’t hide any longer since TokyoTopia decided to dig in and find out who we are! And, somehow in her interview, she […]

Follow us on Twitter!

At Tokyofoodcast, we have been Tweeting away our sake and food activities. To find out what we are eating and drinking please follow us on Twitter! Not everything makes it onto the blog. We link to lots of photos live as we enjoy treats from Tokyo and beyond. Follow Et-chan @Tokyofoodcast Te-chan’s nihonshu related posts […]

Sorry for the intrusion, but scammers such as Jams dot tv abound

I don’t want to give Jams any more exposure by linking to them, but at least one site is stealing the content of this blog (and many others with Japan-centered content). They just reproduce our blog posts and strip off the names and links in some misguided attempt to get more Google juice. In most […]

Nihon Sun

Happy New Year! I wish you all great 2009 with great food and lots of sake! I have been away from Tokyofoodcast just a bit too long. I had a very mixed end of the year and new year with lots of wonderful things, but also a series of technical disasters and mechanical malfunctions. Now […]

Happy New Year 2009!

It’s the year of the cow, so maybe that should be Happy Cow Year!

Et-chan and Te-chan leave Tokyo

No, we aren’t moving, but we are getting out of the city during the worst part of August. Te-chan has been freed from the office and Et-chan has been persuaded that a trip to some islands much closer to the equator would, contrary to popular belief, be a soothing experience If we manage to nab […]

Tokyofoodcast not really harmful to your computer’s health

Some of you may have noticed a warning from Google or from Windows virus software that says that Tokyofoodcast may be harmful to your computer. May is a a pretty broad term, and I’m pretty sure we’re not. Stopbadware.org is sponsored by a group of companies and has identified many malware distributors. Unfortunately they seem […]

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