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You are what you drink?

At the November Mitsuya benkyokai, Takase-sensei tried out a new tasting method on the group. He placed four glasses of sake in front of us and told us to guess what each of these four 720 ml bottles were priced at. Guessing grades is always a fun game, but price? Gee, I don’t know. All […]

Asahi Wakamatsu from Tokushima

What is the smallest kura I’ve ever had sake from? I was trying to think of all sake I had in the past and their annual brewing production in my mind when I heard Nao-chan from Asahi Wakamatsu say that their annual yield is about 30 koku. At Takase-sensei’s July benkyokai at Mitsuya, we had […]

Sawahime: True local sake from Tochigi

Young Inoue toji (Master Brewer) from Sawahime believes in true local sake and having fun. He believes that local sake should be made with local rice and yeast by local brewers to be “true” local sake or jizake. He also thinks sake making should be fun and enjoyable. Thus, that element is bottled up with […]

Morinokura: Geeky sake tasting

Company Name: Morinokura Prefecture: Fukuoka URL: http://www.morinokura.co.jp/(J) Mizokuchi-san from Morinokura, the guest for Takase-sensei’s February benkyokai at Mitsuya is a true sake geek. We not only enjoyed his sake, but totally geeked out by trying sake and shochu at different temperatures and with different types of cups. When I checked Morinokura’s website before, Morinokura appeared […]

Hitakami: A fascinating first kura from Miyagi at our benkyokai

Sorry, it’s been a while since last update at our site, but we have been away for a holiday to tropical islands where it is too hot to enjoy sake. Instead, our daily beer consumption went up during August and September. It is now perfect time of the year to get back into sake, and […]


Company Name: Numadate Syuzo Prefecture: Akita URL: (Japanese) http://www.tatenoi.co.jp/ (English) http://www.tatenoi.co.jp/kengaku/index2-english.htm As the young successor to Numadate Syuzo, Mr. Oyagi, searches for how sake should evolve in what he sees as a transitional period. He was at the Mitsuya benkyokai in July. While he admits even in Akita, sake is sort of the third place […]

Tohoku Izumi: Straight and to the point, but playful

Company Name: Takahashi Syuzoten Prefecture: Yamagata URL: (J) (E) N/A You can review Tohoku Izumi at Kuniisaketen. Ms. Takahashi, President of Takahashi Shuzo, appeared very reserved and quiet at the beginning of the monthly benkyokai at Mitsuya in June. We had a chance to taste their signature brand, Tohokizumi, with her. From her talk, it […]


During our two and half years at the Mitsuya sake benkyokai hosted by Takase-sensei, January 2006 must have had the highest number of “babes”. The featured kura was Kimura Shuzo with Fukukomachi brand from Akita and I heard Yone-sama from the kura attracted his “fan” club members to this event. So, does Fukukomachi = babes? […]

Tatsuriki: Sake of Dragon’s Might

Tatsuriki In December, I was at a sake tasting featuring Tatsuriki. What a delightful event it was! Nine kinds of wonderful sake from Tatsuriki is one thing, but Mr. Honda’s passion for the soil and the right kind of rice to make the best sake instantly turned me into a Tatsuriki fan. Tatsuriki (Dragon’s Might) […]

Dewazakura sets the standard for Ginjo-shu

Dewazakura sake tasting line up Dewazakura sets the standard for Ginjo-shu When we came back to Japan, one of our projects was to “learn and understand sake“. I guess the best way to learn about sake is to drink a lot! While we are working on it, we have been attending a monthly Sake Tasting […]

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